JF109QF 30-3199 KUBOTA ORANGE/7402/20KG

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JF109QF 30-3199 KUBOTA ORANGE/7402/20KG is available to buy in increments of 1 box

This product is also available in less than full carton quantities. Starting at a minimum of two (2) pounds, you can order in one (1) pound increments through our channel partner, Prismatic Powders. Click on the link below to have your purchase of Interpon JF109QF powered by Prismatic Powders

Interpon ACE 1000 LE hi/super-durable polyester TGIC (LowE) for agricultural and construction components. Low cure, overbake resistant, excellent mechanical properties, improved gloss retention and resistance to color change.

Interpon ACE 1000 LE - High/super-durable polyester TGIC (Low E) powder coating designed for exterior exposure for agricultural and construction equipment and components. Offers the benefit of curing with lower oven temperature settings. Also, possesses outstanding over bake resistance and excellent mechanical properties and provides improved gloss retention and resistance to color change versus a standard polyester.
More Information
Product Code JF109QF
Brand Interpon
Product Series Interpon ACE 1000 LE
Key Attributes Mini-Pack
Finish Smooth
Environment Exterior
Industry Agricultural and Construction Equipment
Units Per Carton 1
Chemistry Polyester TGIC
Color Orange
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