Polyester TGIC

AkzoNobel Polyester TGIC powder coatings (Interpon 600, 800, ACE 1000, 1000 LE and ACE 2000) are excellent for applications that require exterior durability.

Formulated to withstand extended outdoor exposure, these coatings possess outstanding over bake resistance, excellent performance characteristics and mechanical properties. They provide good edge coverage and form tough, thick films.
Interpon 800 and ACE 2000 are enhanced for superior color and gloss retention in harsh environments.

Typical Applications for Polyester TGIC coatings

  • Fencing
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Vending machines
  • HVAC units
  • Signs
  • Lawn & garden equipment
  • Sports & recreation equipment
  • Playground equipment

Typical Performance Characteristics for Polyesters TGIC

Property / Test MethodInterpon 600 ResultsInterpon 800 Results
Flexibility - ASTM D522 1/8" 1/4"
Adhesion - ASTM D3359 100% 4-5B
Hardness - ASTM D3363 H min F-2H
Impact - ASTM D2794 40/40 or better 40/10 min
Salt Spray - ASTM B117 <1/16" creep at 500 hrs, no blisters < 1/16" creep at 500 hrs, no blisters
Humidity - ASTM D2247 No change at 1,000 hrs No change at 1,000 hrs

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